Learn about Our Food

Fantastic Ingredients

Only the best and freshest ingredients are used to create food for your event. We have vast experience and strong relationships with specialist suppliers, and this means that we’re able to source the finest foods. Every menu is bespoke for you and your event, and if your event has a particular theme we work with you to create a menu to match it.

If you’re planning a birthday party and want something a little different for that event, we’re also able to create menus from an intercontinental selection.

A Great Selection

We have a speciality food selection, embodying African and Caribbean options. Jays Events is home to Janet's Soul Food, and this is where you receive fresh, delicious food from around the world. Our vast experience allows you be to be confident that it’ll be cooked to perfection. We always put our passion for our food into every meal we make and we never compromise on the flavour that we offer.

Bespoke Menus

As a company, we’re happy to work with our clients when creating your food. This ensures that any dietary requirements are met. All we ask of you is to come to us and let us know what is required in advance of the event.

For further information on our event catering options, call us.